Whangarei Growers Market

In 1998 the decision by a group of small growers to sell direct to the public in a Whangarei carpark, helped kickstart the farmers’ market movement in New Zealand. Two decades later the Whangarei Growers Market is still the largest growers market in New Zealand and operates out of the downtown Water Street carpark every Saturday morning, 6.30 am - 10.30 am.

Between 4500 to 6000 shoppers flock to the market every Saturday, often entertained by buskers enjoying excellent coffee and taking the opportunity to chat with growers. It has become a ‘true heart of the community’ event for Whangarei families.

You will find fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese, preserves and honey, to nuts and olive oil, along with seedlings and native plants, on sale and the market has a rule that all produce must originate in Northland.

Wake up to an early breakfast at Discovery Settlers Hotel's on-site restaurant and then head out and experience Northland's outstanding fresh produce for yourself.

Experience outstanding Northland fresh produce at New Zealand's original and largest Growers Market in Whangarei.
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Whangarei Growers Market
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