Hundertwasser Art Centre Coming to Whangarei

Construction on the Hundertwasser Art Centre with Wairau Māori Art Gallery is underway in Whangarei.

Now a fully community-led project, the completed art centre is scheduled to open on 20 February 2022, located on the corner of Quayside and Riverside Drive, right in the heart of Whangarei’s beautiful waterfront, a few minutes walk from Discovery Settlers Hotel. The site was chosen by the Austrian born NZ artist and architect Friedrich Hundertwasser in 1993 after being invited by the Mayor of Whangarei to design an art centre for the city.  

The common themes in Hundertwasser’s work utilised bright colours, organic forms, a reconciliation of humans with nature and a strong individualism, rejecting straight lines.

Once built the iconic centre will be multi-faceted and multi-functional, featuring original Hundertwasser artworks provided from the collection in Vienna. It will also boast a wakahuia, a treasure box, of exemplary artworks from renowned contemporary Māori artists, in keeping with Hundertwasser’s wishes.

As the last authentic Hundertwasser building in the world, it provides a unique opportunity to transform Whangarei into an international tourist destination. The stunning landmark is set to become one of New Zealand’s most iconic buildings, attracting an estimated 450 000 visitors annually from throughout New Zealand and around the globe. 

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Hundertwasser Art Centre Coming to Whangarei
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